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With a rare free moment on my hands, I felt compelled to put my thoughts to “paper” once more. Much time has passed since I wrote a legit entry, and one’s been on the back burner. A lot has gone on since the last full entry, so a recap for myself is necessary.

Fall happened. When exactly, I’m not sure. I saw some leaves changing color and thought,  “oh, so that’s what they’re suppose to do.” Those days were few and far between. I felt like fall was here with a blink of an eye and then vanished like a mirage. It felt like summer jumped to winter, but it might just be that I’m not used to cold.

Winter is here. It’s ending soon (hopefully), but in the meantime, flakes are falling from the sky. There were days when I thought, “I can do this. This is tolerable.” The last blizzard we got was a glaring reminder that snow is not for everyone. I am one of those people. There were a couple nights getting home in the wee hours I remember thinking to myself that I’ve never felt this kind of cold before. Rightfully so, as two particular nights were 7 degrees and -1 degrees. I have yet to see the fascination with the frigid cold and snow that continues to fall and fall with no end. It’s like God has really bad dandruff. I’m ready for some Selsun Blue in the form of sun. Warm sun.

Work and school have undoubtedly been double duty this semester. As an overachiever, I’m taking on 4 classes plus my internship this semester while being head of our graduate student organization. There are days when I find myself rather overwhelmed by everything I have to get done. There are an equal amount of days when I think I can add on a couple more things to my list: part-time job, volunteer work, a relationship. Can’t say that I’ve found my ideal balance of it all, but I’m looking forward to that next semester. This semester is to trek through what I can while learning as much as my squishy brain can handle.

I’ve recently found myself stuck between a love/hate relationship with NY. I’m not sure if it’s a mix of the stress and cold, but days go by when I can’t stand being here and days where I can’t imagine being anywhere else. For now, I’ll blame it on needing Spring Break to come swiftly on golden wings. I’m starting to have tunnel vision on two weeks from now when I fly home for a week and take it easy. I’ve rarely seen home as a place of relaxation, but I think I just need that break to combat the rest of the semester with full competency.

It’s so weird to think I almost half way done with my graduate program. I’ve lived in New York since August. My program and moving here have been the most challenging things I’ve done so far in my life and I don’t regret it a bit. The snow, though…that’s a different story.

I admittedly keep looking towards the future to sustain my exhaustion. Prime example: I’m studying in South Africa this summer for my first study abroad experience. A month in a different country, the World Cup wrapping up, going on safari, traveling and learning new cultures…what is there not to look forward to?

Interesting tidbit of information: when it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s not so much the same in the Southern Hemisphere.

My nemesis strikes again.


Updates to come!

Clearly, I haven’t written in here for a while, but since my face adorns the NYU website now, the pressure is on! In the midst of being busy with school and work, but aiming to put a legit update on here this weekend.

I will leave with baited breath until then…

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