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They weren’t kidding when they say this city never sleeps. Now this city and I have something in common.NYC 185

My balancing act with school/work/social life is delicate. Maybe it’s midterms coming up that’s made me evaluate my life a bit more, for better or worse. A few visitors in the past month have helped me rejuvenate and reminisce. I was almost tempted to say “reminisce about a simpler time,” but simple is relative. I will say I miss getting home from work to a bottle of wine and a movie. Now, it’s reading for several hours on end. I still tried to integrate the bottle of wine, though. Probably not the best of ideas when you need to read a few hundred pages and can only get through about 50 before you fall asleep.

Fall is definitely upon us here in the Big Apple. Rain and wind have replaced sun and humidity. In preparation of the winter months, I finally got the chance to raid SoHo and purchase my first pea coat. My first! Shocking, I know. I’m beginning to understand the importance of such a staple item and hope to get much use of out it. My next shopping endeavor is appropriate footwear. Suggestions are welcome.

I’m coming up on the 3 month mark and it’s already been a roller coaster (but thankfully, I like thrills).  I oddly feel like I’ve been here much longer, like it’s been a year or something. I suppose everything is moving at such a high velocity, it makes it seem longer.

NYC 230Only a couple months left until my first semester is over…and I can’t wait. I think a month off at home is definitely needed to recoup so I can get back into the swing of things.

Until then, I continue on as a busy worker bee and making the most of it all.


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